Friday, 5 March 2010

Making the music video-Filming.

We filmed in a room with black walls to have a clear background. Each of the group members had a bit to sing to ensure we all had equal time in the video as girl bands are about promoting each individual member and not focusing on one certain person. Girl bands are more about promoting themselves then the song it's self so we made sure we added a lot of close ups of us on our own as well as shots of all of us together to show the bond of a girl group.
We filmed our individual parts first then went onto the chorus were we put together a dance routine to perform all together.
The theme of our music video was just a group of girls getting ready for a night out hoping to find a man. We had an idea to have a shot of a large clock reading half past 12( "half past 12 and I'm watching the late show") with us behind it looking like were trying to catch up with time then a shot at the end showing the clock at it's normal size and the members kicking it over to show they have realised that they don't need a man to make them happy and they have overcome chasing time.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Music video-complete.

We've managed to finally complete our music video! After weeks of editing, cutting, copying and pasting, we've come to the end of editing and are happy with our end result.One of the most difficult parts of editing was trying to get our miming in time with the music, and when the instrumental was playing for a long length of time, we didn't want it to look repetitive. The storyline fitted well and after a few weeks of using iMovie, we were confident with it and were cutting and editing lots of clips to make it look more effective.Over the weeks of editing, our music video changed a lot and we replaced a lot of clips with new clips that helped fit with the music much better.And finally, we now know just how important a storyboard can be!