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Friday, 9 October 2009

I want my video to have similar features to this one. I want it to be like a rock video but not with the hard rock music.
I like the use of black and white as it shows a mysterious side and you dont know what to expect because you cant see britneys face in a lot of it. I also like the extreme close ups because they also show a mysterious side and makes the viewer want to see the full picture. The extreme close-ups are mainly on the jewelry and things Britney is wearing. It makes her look punk like which connotes wildness and danger as it is spikey and mainly black. This ties in with the title of the song "I love rock 'n' roll" as rock music has a stereotypical audience of mainly punks and people who are tied into spikey jewellry and wearing alot of dark colours.
As the video starts to get colour, I like the way they use the effect of using different colours so it looks like its flashing.
The colours used are red and black. These are very bold colours that stand out and represent rock type music. I also like the way the backround colours change all the time as it looks like it is flashing and gives it a wild sort of look to it, which also shows rock. The main focus in the video is britney, as when the background is flashing from colour to colour, her colour stays the same which makes her stand out and show she is the main image in the whole video, which shows the video is more about promoting her and her look, than the actual song.
I want my video to also be quite fast paced at times like this one is. The red colour in the background connotes that she is quite promiscuous.

Friday, 25 September 2009


My task is to make a promotional music act. The act can be a group or solo artist and the track i choose can be any genre, although ballads are not recommended. The purpose of the video is to launch the act and should reflect their style, genre and target audience.